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  1. Kazitaxe1 year ago

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    Dadal1 year ago

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    Akilkis1 year ago

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    Mikataxe1 year ago

    But these are mountainous areas. There is an area near me that has never burned in contemporary history. Too steep for roads or trails. Fire is always a concern because the only way to fight a fire there is by air.

  5. Kazinos1 year ago

    You mean, your husband is not perfect? He has limitations? He does not meet all of your standards? I have never met a perfect person. Anyone who expects perfection from someone else should take a hard look in the mirror first. Rather than being so critical of your husband, and putting the full weight of the decision whether or not to have another child on his alleged incompetence and/or sloth, you may consider focusing on the good work he does with your older children. He can take that weight off of you while allowing you to focus more on the possible new infant. There are clearly other issues, either in the marriage or in your attitude toward your husband, than those you are sharing here.

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